Mills and Blooms

Mills and Bloomshas merged!

Purely for accounting reasons MillsnBlooms has merged with Ted Langley Ltd.

We have been trading as two separate companies for 2 years out of our Warehouse at Crowhurst road, this causes unnecessary accountancy work and additional costs.

From October 1st Millsnblooms has merged with Ted Langley Ltd. There will be no changes for any customers apart from the visual lay outs of the Web Shop will be Ted Langley rather than Millsnblooms.

The stock, prices, functionality all remain the same, just visually will look different.

There is also an app you can download for buying stocks using your existing web shop login.

The only other difference will be the invoice generated. They will become Ted Langley Ltd with a different bank account. Please continue to pay into the existing account to clear any outstanding MillsnBlooms invoices. When you receive invoices from Ted Langley Ltd please change your payment to go to the new bank account details on the invoice.

We will also be using a new email address and losing the mills address.

This will be

Thank you for your understanding,

Kind regards,

Mills & Ted Langley

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